10 Tips to Find the Best Tree Removal

Since you are looking for tips to find the best tree removal company you must know how important it is
to hire the experts when it comes to tackling the removal of a hazardous tree on your property.

Tree removal could be necessary after an emergency, such as after a storm when a branch gets
dangerously close to the power lines, or the tree is showing signs of distress from various reasons. It
could be that the tree is at the end of its natural life.

tree and electric pole on after hurricane damaged car turned over after accident

For whatever reason, removing a tree yourself can be quite dangerous. It requires specific equipment
and skill to do it safely. Expert tree removal companies have the proper insurance in case property gets
damaged, or worse, a family member or pet gets in harm’s way.

Who wants to wait for the neighbor to come home to find your tree sitting on top of their garage?
So, when searching for the best tree removal company take some time to do your homework. Not all
tree removal companies are created equal. Some of the consequences for taking short cuts could be
very costly and leave you with a job half done, or worse, a torn up yard and broken pipes.

Keep in mind that an experienced and reputable tree removal company will come in with heavy
equipment and trained employees. Some of those employees put themselves in dangerous situations,
like climbing up the tree, cutting a large limb, and attaching it to a crane that will carry it to the ground.

The point is – tree removal is a major job and will come with a matching price tag. Plan accordingly
because the alternatives should not be considered.

electric, sharp orange chainsaw on wood stump in forest

Here are 7 tips to find the best tree removal company in your area

  1. Go old school and talk to friends and family to see if they have had any trees removed from their
    property and what they thought about the company. Word of mouth is still the best way to find
    a reputable service. Another place to look is online for reviews. If you are only choosing this
    route, look for companies with lots of reviews on multiple platforms.
  2. A good rule of thumb before hiring any service professional is to get three quotes. This eliminates the temptation to go with the first one you talk to and allows you to discover various price options.
  3. The lowest price is not always the best company. Low bids can end up with high end costs. Those three quotes will help you learn more about what tree removal should cost.
  4. Always get it in writing to avoid any surprises.  Also, with those three quotes in front of you it is easier to see what services may be left out and upsold to you later. When checking prices, compare the quotes to examine if they are offering the same services.  
  5. Certifications are important. Especially when heavy equipment is involved. Is the driver of that heavy equipment that is going to run over your lawn certified to do it without damaging your pipes? Or tearing up your lawn? If someone took the time to learn and be certified, they probably will take their job more seriously.
  6. Ask to see a copy of their insurance. They should have insurance to protect themselves, protect your property, and equipment. Also ask about the condition of their equipment and how they ensure safe practices. Tree removal is hazardous so employees should wear safety gear, such as hard hats, ear protection and eye protection. 
  7. Make sure all your questions are answered and you know how long the project will be in your life. A good company will answer everything until you are satisfied. At that time, you can sign the contract. Don’t fall for the limited time offer deal to get you to sign the contract before you have had enough time to review other companies. 
  8. Do they belong to any of the professional trade association, such as Tree Care Industry Association or International Society of Arboriculture? If they are the logos of the organization will be on their website. 
  9. Stay away from the door to door salesperson. This is a warning shared with district attorneys all around the US. Door to door contractors often are not local and are traveling through town, especially after disasters. Checking how long a company has been in business is also an important thing to know. This can often be seen on the company website and in reviews. 
  10. Never agree to work with a company that requires you to pay before the work is completed to your satisfaction. They may try to pressure you by saying they need to money to pay their employees or cover costs. Most times, when this happens, they never return to finish the job.

What questions to ask before hiring a tree removal company

Trees Can Damage Your House and Put Your Family in Danger

While you are getting your three quotes for the best tree removal company to work on your project, keep this list handy so you know you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

  • How long have they been in business in your area?
  • What types of insurance do they have? Get a printed copy from the company you choose.
  • What is their experience with this type of project?
  • Do they provide a detailed estimate? How long will they honor the quote?
  • What equipment is needed? 
  • How will they do the project? 
  • What do they do to protect my property and the property of my neighbors?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do they clean up to as close to the previous condition as possible?
  • Have they done any projects in this neighborhood? If so, may I check them as a reference?
  • Do we need a permit to start the job?
  • Do you use subcontractors or temporary workers?

Complete your due diligence and you should be very happy at the end of the project. Take shortcuts and you could be very unhappy with paying for destructive errors made by an inexperienced tree removal company. 

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