How to Know When A Tree Is Sick

Have you ever noticed something strange on your tree and wondered if it was sick? Learn how
to visually inspect your tree and what to look for, so you can get help if necessary.

When it comes to trees, we often think of them as being indestructible. However, even trees can
get sick and need treatment. If you’re not sure whether your tree is sick or healthy, there are a
few things you can look for. We’ll discuss the signs that a tree is unhealthy and needs attention.
So if you’ve been worried about your tree’s health, keep reading!

Tree Removal Process

Here are a few things you can do to see if your tree is healthy or not:

1. Start by looking at the base of the tree and work your way upward.

2. Look at the roots of your tree. You want to keep an eye out for the ground bulging, fungi
like mushrooms and signs that the roots might be decayed.

3. When judging a tree’s condition, it look for peeling or loose bark on the trunk and cracks
that have been deepened over time due to water infiltration (ipeg). If these signs are
present then it might need more care!

4. The rest of the trunk should be examined for signs that it’s diseased or damaged. Look
out for: swollen areas; cavities in soft wood which could mean an infestation by insects
like termites who love nothing more than destroying our homes with their nasty little bug
eaten holes all over them!

5. Branches that are dead or dying can be a warning sign of infection. They lack bark and
have no leaves on them, while V-shaped branch unions show where two branches grow
together in an unhealthy way–they’re too close together instead having enough space
between each other so it seems as if there is only one layer going up into the canopy
here .leaf problems range from spots/holes to odd colored leaves; perhaps even
deformed shapes? You should also lookout for any decadent looking limbs which might
fall over easily during strong winds due.

Now that you know how to spot the most common tree diseases, it’s time to take action. Give
GT Tree Experts a call and we will help diagnose and treat your trees so they can get back to
looking their best. Not only do we have the expertise and knowledge in diagnosing and treating
disease, but as a full-service tree care company, we also offer trimming, tree removal, land
and 24/7 emergency services to keep your trees healthy all year round.

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GT Tree Experts

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